Adventures in Design 2018


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Adventures in Design Class for 2018 with instructor Joen Wolfrom.
  • Adventures in Design Class - 2018
    Instructor: Joen Wolfrom

    Eight Class Sessions: Saturdays, February 10, March 24, April 14, June 9, July 14, September22, October 13, and November 10th, 2018, 10 am to 4:30 pm

    This class is for anyone who wants to learn how to create designs that are awesome, exciting, innovative, and/or beautiful. This expanded class which meets one Saturday a month for eight times,  gives you the opportunity to explore the entire design spectrum. Each monthly session will have its own unique design focus. Between classes, there is time to further explore and experiment with these monthly design concepts through additional activities and small projects.

    To begin, you will experiment with those ingredients that make up a design the elements of line, direction, color, value, shapes, texture, proportion and scale. As the class progresses, you will have the opportunity to explore the many unique principles of design, including unity, contrast, bridging, proximity, movement, symmetry, asymmetrical balance, visual weight, and focal structure. Your final project will be to create a design that emphasizes your favorite elements and principles. 

    We are so incredibly fortunate that instructor Joen Wolfrom is offering this class at the shop. She has been teaching design classes for more than 25 years and is the author of two design books, The Visual Dance and Adventures in Design from C&T Publishing. She is excited to be teaching this extended design class at Quilted Strait and the students will be getting a unique opportunity to work with this gifted instructor in a protracted, small group setting. This is a chance to move your quilts to a whole new level! Class size will be limited to 12 students. Students who will benefit most from this class will have had experience working with a wide variety of techniques and projects and are really ready and able to experiment, and are also prepared to commit to a substantial amount of homework between classes.

    Adventures in Design Supply List. for the first Class Session. 

    Joen will provide the supply lists for future sessions.

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