Freeform Blocks with Sujata Shah

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Quilt Making/Piecing

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Freeform Blocks Class at Quilted Strait with instructor Sujata Shah
  • Instructor: Sujata Shah
    Three day class: May 4,5 & 6, 2018, 10 am to 4:30 pm

    Make triangle and other blocks without templates and marking; see what happens when you embrace the imperfections and irregularities of human hands. Sujata’s method of cutting in layers and organic piecing is unique, fast, and fun and combined with her piecing techniques; mimic the appearance of block prints of India. You’ll learn how adding curves to cutting, sewing, and the final trimming of blocks make the quilt-making process engaging and unpredictable until the last stitch. Each block you make will be different than the next in size, shape, and form, yet there will be overall harmony and balance to the quilt you make. You’ll also learn about the origins of the blocks, stories behind the quilts Sujata has made, and discussions on color combinations, textures, and quilt layouts during class. (Students will use their blocks to create into their own unique quilts - quilt shown  is not the class project, but is shown for inspiration only.)  

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