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A common thread

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"a common thread", Retrospective work of Gwen Marston presented in a hardcover edition
Enjoy a beautiful hardcover edition of "a common thread" featuring the art of the innovative and master quilter Gwen Marston. The lavishly photographed book contains detailed close-ups of her trademark hand quilting as well as exquisitely presented portraits of more than eighty exemplary quilts; proof of a life lived in stitches.

The book is a self-curated collection of Gwen's more than four-decade passion for quilt making. Although Gwen Marston is the author of 29 previous books, "a common thread" is a presentation of the exceptional highlights of a body of work from her career to date as a professional quilt artist.  Reader will delight in the pieces inspired by her early Mennonite teachers, and be dazzled by her later liberated work with appliqué, texture and design. Gwen's art is characterized by innovative compositions of liberated construction and ingenious uses of color and negative space.  Explore the work of the founder of "The Liberated School of Design": the artist Gwen Marston. Free Shipping in the USA