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Days for Girls

Days for Girls Sewing Group meets on the Third Monday of each month at 10:30 am

Days for Girls Sewing Group meets at Quilted Strait on the third monday of the month at 10:30 am

Days For Girls Founder Celeste Mergens had been working with an orphanage in Nairobi whose population had recently swelled due to post election violence in the country. She had gone to bed with the difficult situation weighing heavily on her mind. In the middle of the night she woke up with a nagging question.."What were girls doing for feminine hygiene?" The answer she received from the orphanage was "nothing.. the girls sit on cardboard for several days in their rooms". Celeste rushed to implement her first idea which was disposable pads. It quickly became clear that this was not a viable solution as the girls had no place to dispose of the pads. It was time for plan B - long lasting, washable pads! Today these pads are distributed in kits to more than 100 countries to women and girls and have provided millions of days of education and opportunity. Come and be a sewist for Days for Girls, provide women and girls with lives of dignity by constructing the items in these important hygiene kits. The group is especially in need of folks with sergers! You don't need to register for the group, but contact us at the shop if you are interested and we will put you in touch with the organizer of the local group to get you started.