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Improvisational Piecing with Gentle Curves

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Improvisational Quilting with Gentle Curves with instruction Melissa Carraway

Instructor: Melissa Carraway

Sunday September 15, 2019 10:30 - 4:30

Improvisational piecing is a fun and creative way to build a quilt but it takes a different way of thinking than we have traditionally done as quilters. First off, often, we don’t really know what we are making, or even know how big or small, and maybe not even the finished shape. All of this can create a problem if you are used to having more control over the process. 

In the morning portion of this class Melissa will be demonstrating how to use gentle curves to add interest to your work. The class will all be using black and white fabrics so bring as many as you have in your stash. 

In the afternoon portion of the class, students can continue with the black and white theme or can choose their own palette and begin a new piece. 

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Class has a 5 day cancellation period: Please Read