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Shweshwe Brights Fat Quarter Bundle #2

Authentic 3 Cats brand shweshwe from Dagama Textiles in South Africa- An acid discharge and roller printed, dyed cotton fabric that is still used for traditional South African clothing. The fabric has gained popularity among all ethnic groups in South Africa and is now used around the world by fashion designers and home sewists. The fabric's popularity has proved it's undoing and over the years the arrival of inexpensive copies has forced Dagama textiles to reduce production.

Authentic shweshwe will always be 35" wide and have the 3 cats logo on the reverse side of the fabric. Treating the fabric with starch is part of the printing process and when you receive your shweshwe it will arrive with it's distinctive, waxy aroma. It will also be stiff until washed, then it becomes lovely and inviting to the touch. 

These are bundles of ten different designs in a "fat quarter" size, though they are roughly 17" x 21", and will shrink (about 4-5% which is more than cotton) when washed and dried. This fabric is 100% cotton.