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Triple Trip Around the World

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Double Triple Trip Around the World Quilt with Instructor Marybeth O'Halloran

Instructor: Marybeth O'Halloran

Three class session: Fridays, June 7, July 5, and August 2, 2019: 10:30 am to 2:30 pm

Never heard of a triple trip quilt before?  Marybeth hadn't, either, until a local quilt historian brought her a vintage version to study, and she fell in love with the pattern.  It looks like three successively bigger trip-around-the-world quilts stacked on top of each other.   A wonderful pattern that looks deceptively hard to construct.  The secret to these beauties is to build two quilts at once using bargello-style strip piecing shortcuts.  The second quilt emerges from the discards from the first quilt and while they both look related, they are different enough to be distinct.

Take the class with a friend and share fabric costs -- you'll each wind up with a double/queen-sized quilt that finishes at 90.5" square.  Or just make the center double-trip-around-the-world quilts, each finishing at 45.5" square.  The original quilt used 2 1/4" squares and Marybeth has increased the size slightly to be able to use 2.5" strips for all the piecing.

Marybeth has split this class into 3 segments.  The first is an introduction to the pattern, and some tips for color and fabric selection, as well as sewing and pressing tips for the strip panels.  She will bring her strip die-cutter, which you can use to get started with the strip cutting for your quilts.  In between the first and second segment, you'll need to sew your strip panels for the innermost two trip quilts, and we'll construct the center and one or two quarters of the inner quilts in the second segment.  Plus I'll show you how to sash the sections together.

You can stop there if you like or continue on to the glorious colorful goodness that is the outermost trip quilt in the third segment.  Between the second and third segments, you'll need to sew the strip panels for at least one quarter of the outer quilt, so you'll have something to work with during class.  We'll construct at least one quarter of both versions and I'll show you how to sash the bigger quarters together for your very own set of triple-trips.

This class has a five-day cancellation policy: Please Read

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