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Class Policies

Quilted Strait Class Policies

In person classes:

Class registration is for one person only. Our class space is limited so we do not allow children to accompany students to class and ask that students not bring an observer unless the student requires an assistant. In those cases please notify us in advance so that we can make any accommodations necessary. 

Please set your phones to vibrate only in class. We understand that folks have reasons to need to answer your phone while in class, but we ask that you step outside the classroom and use the kitchen area or step outside the building to answer your phone (which you might have to do anyway as we don’t get great cell phone reception in the building).

The classroom is open ½ hour before class begins and we encourage you to use that time to come in and get your space organized.

Refund Schedule:

Our classes all have a cancellation policy. Please check the class description for the specific number of days that apply to your class. 

Most of our in-person classes have a five-day cancellation policy. This means that anytime up to five days before the class is scheduled you can cancel your class registration and receive a full refund. After that date we have guaranteed the teacher the class fee and we can only offer you a refund if your spot is filled by another student. There are no exceptions to this policy, we do understand that things happen, there are family emergencies and people get sick at the last minute. If this happens to you be sure and call us, we frequently have a wait list for classes and often we can contact someone who can come with short notice and take the class so that we can offer you a refund.

How does this work? For example if your class has a five-day cancellation policy and is scheduled for October 10, you would be able to get a full refund through October 4th. However if you cancelled on October 5,6,7,8 or 9th, or on October 10th we would not be able to offer you a refund unless we can find someone to take your place. If you have to cancel in that five day window - call us - we might be able to help by contacting someone on the wait list or by advertising the opening!


Our classroom is relatively small and does not have adequate ventilation so we recommend students wear a mask anytime that the COVID and/or Flu risk is substantial.

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